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Training Solutions Plan


There are three core elements that comprise National Business Training’s signature Training Solutions Plan (TSP). They are:


Each Training Solutions Plan begins with a conversation with a specialist to determine your objectives. Once we have a clear understanding of the desired goal, your NBT specialist can begin to align a curriculum that supports the objective. Your Training Solutions Plan can incorporate our standard public schedule offerings, or a custom plan.


Your NBT specialist will work closely with you to determine the skill set shortfalls and business requirements of the organization to identify curriculum that fills the void.

You will receive a detailed description of the plan.

Your specialist will go over the plan with you and answer any questions you may have.


National Business Training offers a number of methodologies to deliver courses to your team. Your Training Solutions Plan can include one or multiple training methods.

Client-site training: We provide the instructor and deliver the training on-site at the client location or off-site location of your choosing.

Traditional Classroom: A live facilitator at our facility, in one of our fully-equipped rooms.

Virtual Online: A 100% live, instructor-led solution that allows training from anywhere, saving time and travel costs.

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