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Top 4 Benefits of Private Training

Top 4 Benefits of Private Training

We all understand the critical value of having staff that is properly trained. Your objectives are met faster, more efficiently and are executed with greater effectiveness.

While the method of training continues to evolve with technology, there is always a time and place for in-person private training.   There are four primary benefits to choosing private training as the learning method for your team, department or enterprise:

1) Collaboration & Organic Learning

All teams work together in a collaborative fashion to reach objectives and goals of the company. That is why organic learning with your peers in the same fashion is the most effective format and fosters higher retention! The “aha” moment is invaluable to the overall strength a company gains by learning in a collaborative environment.

 2) Convenience

Private training can take place in two different environments – on-site and off-site. Some companies prefer to treat their private training like a retreat. Off site private training can become an opportunity to get out of the day-to-day environment. Other companies prefer to have private training take place on-site as it reduces travel time and fosters collaboration in an environment that is familiar. Both methods are effective and available through National Business Training, which is located in Durham, North Carolina, just outside of Research Triangle Park.

3) Higher ROI & More Cost Effective

The numbers show that training ten to fifteen employees at the same time is much more cost effective than having each team member train individually. There are also many promotions going on right now for private group training that will give you an even lower cost.

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4) Customization

One of the biggest benefits to private training is the fact that the delivery can be completely customized to fit the specific and unique needs of your organization. Instead of getting the “vanilla” out of the box training for Excel

Part 1 or Excel Part 2, your company can be trained on a mixture of elements that are actually used day to day.

The National Business Training approach:

We specialize in creating a Training Solutions Plan (TSP) for your business.

Each Training Solutions Plan begins with a conversation with a specialist to determine your objectives. Once we have a clear understanding of the desired goal, your NBT specialist can begin to align a curriculum that supports the objective. Your Training Solutions Plan can incorporate our standard public schedule offerings, or a custom plan.

Our specialist will then design and deliver the right training to your business.

If you have a team of ten, twenty, or more people and need training, take a look at our customized services today. The results can net you a significant return on investment while you can save time and money!