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Three Things You Can Do in Excel to Save Time and Money

Three Things You Can Do in Excel to Save Time and Money

Three Things You Can Do in Excel to Save Time and Money

The first version of Microsoft Excel was released for Macintosh in 1985, followed by the first Windows version in November, 1987.  Nearly 30 years later, Excel courses remain the most popular offerings at National Business Training.

Microsoft Excel

An early version of Microsoft Excel


While Excel is, by far, the leading spreadsheet application, there is seemingly no end to the tasks one can take on.  Today we’ll focus on three things you can do in Excel to save time and money.



If there is a way to do something manually in Excel, there is likely an easier way to do it.  Sorting is one of the most basic but crucial functions to allow for this.  You can sort A-Z, but there are also options to sort by columns, rows, and custom fields.  This is found under Data, then the Sort button.

Excel sort button

Do you want to display records that meet certain criteria?  You’ll want to filter your data.  On the data tab, you’ll click Filter, then click the arrow next to the column you want to filter.  This will allow you to choose which records you wish to see.


Pivot tables summarize data.  You can build them fast, and they can be used to find unique values in a field.  This way, you can quickly identify typos or any other inconsistencies.  To create a Pivot Table, use the Insert tab and you’ll find choices to build a Pivot Table and Recommended Pivot Tables.

Pivot Table



One of the most surefire ways to eliminate headaches in Excel is by automating repetitive tasks.  Macros are sets of instructions based on actions you record while working in your spreadsheet.  If your company generates reports and summaries in high volume, macros may be a great choice.  Macros are a more complex function found in the Developer tab and are created using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).



The Excel Analysis ToolPak allows you to develop complex statistical or engineering analyses.  The toolpak is an add-on that can be found by clicking the File tab, clicking Options, and selecting the Add-Ins category.


National Business Training offers comprehensive training on Microsoft Excel including sorting, filters, Pivot Tables, macros, and the Analysis ToolPak.  Take advantage of a limited time Excel offer from National Business Training now.






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