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The Top 2 Factors Affecting Your KPI Goals

As Labor Day quickly approaches, many business and technical professionals across the country are dusting off their professional development goals established several months ago.

We all know the short term and long term benefits of actually hitting those annual goals. The short term benefits often equal a higher bonus, recognition and increased profile on his or her team. The long term benefits often equate to a higher band level, additional financial security and seniority.

However, many people in the workforce fall short of pursuing the roadmap that was established with such enthusiasm just a short time ago. This happens for many reasons as we get busy, distracted, and life simply has way of getting us off track.

Most Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are based off two extremely important factors:
• Implementation

We have found the educational element prevents most people from obtaining their goals.  National Business Training can help you solve this issue immediately.

Whether your educational needs are technical in nature, business process, or business skills, we have the curriculum to support most of your educational goals.

Most professionals have a need to take more than one course which can become extremely costly. This is another reason so many people procrastinate or neglect to attain their professional goals. The closing months of the year happen to be a great time to get on track with National Business Training as we have a special bundled rate for multiple courses.

Buy 2 Courses, Get One Free

The next step towards closing the year strong should start with a one-on-one Training Solutions Plan. This plan consists of three core elements to get you on track.

1) Discuss
Each Training Solutions Plan begins with a conversation with a specialist to determine your objectives. Once your desired goals are clearly defined, a NBT specialist can align a curriculum that supports the objective.

2) Design
Your NBT specialist will work closely with you to determine the skill set shortfalls and business requirements of the organization to identify curriculum that fills the void.

3) Deliver
Lastly, National Business Training will help you determine the best format for your coursework such as virtual learning or a traditional classroom.

December is right around the corner, so there is not much time left to achieve your professional development goals. Whether you are in the business space and need additional education for Project Management, Communications or Business Analysis or in the technical space and need to take courses on VMware, Windows Server or more. National Business Training has the right course for you.

Simply pick up the phone today and call 919.595.8200 or complete our form to speak with a trained education specialist!

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