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Visio Professional 2010 – Level 2

National Business Training - Computer Training

Course Summary

In Visio Professional 2010 – Level 2, students will create custom elements and a custom template, represent external data as a drawing, and share your work with others.

Course Schedule

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Course Outline

1 – Creating a Custom Shape
◾Draw Basic Shapes
◾Enhance Basic Shapes

2 – Designing a Custom Stencil
◾Create a Custom Stencil
◾Customize a Stencil Master

3 – Designing Styles and Templates
◾Define a New Style
◾Create a Template

4 – Designing a Floor Plan
◾Create an Office Layout
◾Work with Layers

5 – Representing External Data in Visio
◾Generate a PivotDiagram
◾Create an Organization Chart from External Data
◾Import Project Plan Data into Visio
◾Link to a Database
◾Import Excel Data

6 – Sharing Your Drawings
◾Link a Visio Drawing to Other Applications
◾Convert a Visio Drawing to Other File Formats
◾Print a Visio Drawing

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Create a custom shape.
  • Design a custom stencil.
  • Design styles and templates.
  • Design a floor plan.
  • Represent external data in Visio.
  • Share your work.

Course Prerequisites: Visio Professional 2010 – Level 1

Target Audience

The target student for this course is a graphic designer, subject matter specialist, or other knowledge worker with basic Microsoft Visio 2010 skills (such as creating basic workflows and other diagrams) who needs to use Visio to create complex graphics and illustrations (such as floor plans, custom maps, and scientific illustrations) that may be linked to external data sources and may be inserted into other Microsoft Office files.


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